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Venice - May 2005

We took a weekend break to Venice, flying to Marco Polo airport (which had been completely rebuilt since we were last there) and by water taxi to our hotel. Water taxi really is the best way to arrive so its important to make sure the hotel has a water landing so you can step straight off the boat into your hotel, none of this dragging suitcases about.

Rain & Hail in St Marks

After dinner we walked to St Marks Square and a storm broke. We had rain, hail, thunder and lightning, it soon cleared the diners from the tables of the cafes and the musicians drew the screens around their stages to keep the weather at bay.

It was quite a spectacular storm and went on for some time, so much so that we had to make a run for it back to the hotel.

A Walk in the Backstreets

We discovered from a previous trip that there is much more to Venice than St Marks. So following a guide book route in a effort not to get lost we walked to some of the quieter parks of the city and went over to the island on Murano.

It really is amazing the contrast between the tourist hotspots and the backstreets and squares where the locals live.

Overall it was a very enjoyable trip and managed to take our minds off trying to buy a house!

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