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Land & Garden

What We Have

We have a small amount of land which is divided into four areas, which we refer to as the garden, the orchard, the paddock and the field. None of these are very big but its easier to be able to identify each area.

The Garden

Our garden is best described as a cottage garden, its full with a huge variety of plants and flowers that produce a fantastic display of colours throughout the spring and summer. We can take no credit for this as its all the work of the previous owner, so all we are doing is keeping the weeds down and enjoying the show. Neither of us knows anything about gardening so I don't expect much to change.

As it wasOrchard

Its a bit misleading to call it an orchard as we only have about a dozen trees. It does look very different now to when we got here, half the area was covered in grass about 2ft high and the rest in nettles and brambles, all mixed in with a good number of scrub trees, mainly suckers from the plum trees. After much hard work and a few rather large bonfires we got the area cleared of the worst of the undergrowth.

We deposited the spoil from our new garage foundations into the area where the nettles had been and when it had been graded off we sowed some grass seed. There is still some work to do but its more under control than it was.

It is our intention to plant some apple trees, hopefully this will happen this autumn.

Field & Paddock

The paddock is next to the house and is a great place to sit out and relax with a glass of wine. Although the grass had not been mowed for a while it didn't take a huge amount of work to get it in reasonably good shape, helped by having some of our neighbours sheep and lambs in to graze off the grass in the spring. The sheep do like to get out and it was a bit of a struggle to keep some of the old fence stock proof, so some fencing was added to the "to do" list.

The fencing was done this year in time for the spring lambs and has kept the ewes and lambs on the correct side.

The field has received very little attention as yet, other than clearing some of the fallen branches and renewing the fence between it and the orchard.

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