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The Start

The Move

We decided to do the move ourselves - so we hired a lorry for a weekend and loaded and unloaded all our things over the space of a weekend.

It was hard work but in many ways much less stressful than having to tell removal men where everything was supposed to go, especially as we were trying to get a quart into a pint pot!


The First Days

Before we could even put anything in the shed we had to re-roof it. So we spent a couple of hours after we had offloaded most of the first days lorry load re-felting the roof.

After that it was a question of how we were going to fit everything into the house and limited storage space, somehow we managed it, some fairly ruthless "de cluttering" was required (Karen is much better at this than me)..

Eventually most of the boxes were emptied and homes found for the contents. But there we had to admit defeat on a few and they were slotted away to be sorted later............


The garden and land had been allowed to become rather overgrown and we set about clearing the nettles and brambles, we actually thought there was a hedge in with the fruit trees but it turned out to just be weeds and brambles about 6ft high and nearly as wide. The fencing around the paddock at the back of the house was in poor shape and the grass had not been cut for a while, all things to be added to the list of things to do.

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